Satoru Fujinuma(29 Years Old) 藤沼 悟

CV:Shinnosuke Mitsushima

A struggling manga artist, who works part-time at a pizza shop to make his living. He is not good at socializing.
He suffers from a mysterious phenomenon called "REVIVAL."

Satoru Fujinuma(10 Years Old) 藤沼 悟

CV:Tao Tsuchiya

A fifth grader who attends Mikoto Private Elementary School in Hokkaido prefecture.
He admires a sentai hero called "Wonder Guy."
A very average boy.

Sachiko Fujinuma 藤沼 佐知子

CV:Minami Takayama

Satoru's mother. She used to be a news anchor at Ishikari TV. Because of her job, she is very perceptive.
She looks a lot younger than her actual age.

Airi Katagiri 片桐 愛梨

CV:Chinatsu Akasaki

A high school girl who works at the pizza shop Satoru works at.
She is full of curiosity and presents a generally cheerful demeanour. She actively communicates with Satoru too.
She has a dream she hopes to fulfill once she's saved enough money.

Kayo Hinazuki 雛月 加代

CV:Aoi Yuuki

Satoru's classmate from his elementary school.
She avoided her classmates most of the time and was a loner.

Kenya ケンヤ

CV:Yo Taichi

Satoru's classmate from his elementary school.
He is extremely insightful unfitting for his young age.
How was he able to develop such a skill…

Hiromi ヒロミ

CV:Akari Kito

Satoru's classmate from his elementary school.
From his cute appearances, many mistake him for a girl.

Osamu オサム

CV:Ayaka Nanase

Satoru's classmate from his elementary school.
He is very observant of others around him and many find it easy to talk to him.

Kazu カズ

CV:Yukitoshi Kikuchi

Satoru's classmate from his elemantary school.
He is a brave and lively boy but sometimes he meddles in other people's business.

Jun Shiratori 白鳥 潤

CV:Takahiro Mizushima

A young man who used to live near Satoru.
Satoru went to him for advice often.

Gaku Yashiro 八代 学

CV:Mitsuru Miyamoto

Satoru's teacher in elementary school.
He is great at working with his students and is popular among his students and their parents.

Manager Takahashi 高橋店長

CV:Eiji Takeuchi

He is the manager at the pizza shop Satoru works at.
According to Satoru, he can be "a bit annoying like an older brother."

Kayo's Mom 雛月母

CV:Akemi Okamura

A single-mother raising her daughter one her own.
She is not very friendly with her neighbors.

Misato 美里

CV:Hina Kino

Satoru and Kayo's classmate. She is not fond of Kayo.

Hamada 浜田

CV:Asami Yoshida

A regular on the Mikoto Elementary School Ice Hockey Team which recently won the National Championship. He is popular among the female students.

Sawada 澤田

CV:Toru Okawa

Former news correspondent at Ishikari TV.
He is working as a reportage writer in 2006.
He believes that the incident involving the serial murders 18 years ago has not been solved and hopes to find the truth.